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What is wholesale in Real Estate? Wholesale is a fascinating business that involves buying and selling properties in a unique way. To summarize, wholesale focuses on finding great deals on properties and then connecting those deals with buyers who are looking for investment opportunities. It’s like being a matchmaker between sellers and buyers in the real estate market!

Here’s how it works: Your representative looks for properties that are available at a lower price than their market value. They negotiate with the property owners to secure these deals, and once they have an agreement in place, they find buyers who are interested in purchasing these properties. The representative then assigns the contract to the buyer, allowing them to take over the deal and close on the property.

Why is this important? It helps sellers who want to sell their properties quickly, and it gives investors a chance to buy properties at a discount.

If you are looking to buy or sell via wholesale contact Chris Gould, to get the process started.

Chris Gould 805.341.7741 Chris(at)indyhomeoffer(dotted)com

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