Jeff Mathey

Lindsey Mathey

Shelly Walters

Terry Slinker

Award Winning

Real Estate Team in Indiana

The Shelly Walters Realty Team leads when it comes to client services and successful transations. We don’t just work hard for our clients, we walk side by side with them as they move through either the buyer or seller journies. If you’ve ever bought a home you already know it is, indeed, a journey.

We are a family team, from our newer and younger agents to our paperwork and negotiation experts who have been working on real estate transactions for decades. What makes working with us so unique is that someone is always available to support our clients. With a multi-team office, we work together for the good of clients regardless if another one of our agents is unable to.

We are a dyanamic group as well, with each of us having our own unique talents and abilities to connect with various personalities and types of transactions. When you choose to work with us chances are you will become one of the family.

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office and you’re welcome to check out our team bios above to learn more about our agenets and staff.