Selling a Home with

Shelly Walters Realty Group

There are a realm of emotions when it comes to selling your home. Often, this means you are moving into a new home and maybe getting more space for a growing family. Sometimes it less exciting to leave what you know due to a job relocation. No matter what reason you have for selling, our team works with just about every type of home sale there is.

The process begins with us sitting down with you to look at your home and get to know you and what you’re wanting and needing to achieve with your sale. We usually come to this appointment with details about your property as well as those surrounding you so you have a better understanding of the market in your area. After this meeting, one of our team members will work on getting you details about how to price and if any “glaring” things should be considered when trying to sell your home.

We continue to keep up with today‚Äôs current technology. Buyers and sellers are online and on their smart phones looking for homes so we must be everywhere they are. We diligently remain active with mobile apps, texting, social media and traditional Internet sites. We use video to further reveal the best festures of our listings and help buyers see the full picture of your home. All websites will have professional quality pictures to represent your property. When selling your home we will set your property up with a “Showtime,” which is a national call center that handles any showing appointments that are requested for your home. This allows us access to a great feedback questionnaire about any showing of your home. FEEDBACK is VERY important for you and us to obtain during the selling process and this service ensures that we will have it with every showing!

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we are not absentee real estate consultants! We are always accessible to you by phone, email or fax to help provide you with outstanding counseling and education throughout the arduous task of buying and/or selling your home.