How Important is Staging to Sell?

The whole reason to put a home on the market in Indianapolis, is to get it sold as soon as possible, right? It would make sense then; any strategy that helps a homeowner reach that goal is something worth considering. Like with improving your home and making updates, home staging comes in many forms and levels. Often, you can use what you already have to stage your home, albeit, if you use your imagination. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the role of staging your home in Indiana and whether or not it’s worth your time and expense. While staging almost always makes a home look better, it doesn’t mean it’s right for every home. 

Consider Your Budget

You have two options when figuring out if you can financially stage your home.


1. Small/No Budget – Use what you have and reimagine it. 

2. Budget – Hire a staging company and pay monthly for the service. 

After getting a quote for home staging in Carmel, IN, consider whether you have the funds monthly… or can meet the company’s fee arrangement. This fee shouldn’t come out of the profit of your home unless you stand to make a significant amount of money from your sale. Also, consider if staging your home will price you right out of the neighborhood.

If you don’t have the budget to stage your home in Indiana, you’ll want to use what you have and think of your own furniture differently. You can clear your home out completely and only bring back in what you need to get by while your home is on the market. Fewer items in your home is often a huge improvement in the overall look and feel. You can even find a new purpose for furniture. For example, stools turned into plant stands and even photography equipment turned into interesting lighting features

If you have a budget, ask your staging company for samples of their work. You can even have discussions about expectations and what seems to be on-trend today. Also, don’t be afraid to ask what their average rate of return is on their services. 

Staging Doesn’t Replace Updates

It’s important that you don’t expect home staging to take the place of desperately needed improvements or updates on your home. Staging is the icing on the cake. Inside, your home (the actual cake) needs to be in working order with the appropriate updates that buyers will expect at your listing price. 

Talk to your real estate professional about what kind of improvements will actually reap a return and which to avoid so you don’t lose money. Again, there is such a thing as updating your home right out of the market. An experienced realtor will be able to explain the difference and what kinds of projects buyers for your property will expect. 

Staging Sets the Scene

Think of your home as the set on a movie lot. It should be an environment where anyone can relate to it and see themselves walking through. There should be clear lines of sight and aspiring pieces along the way. 

Buyers want to see themselves living in your home, so attempt to take yourself out of the home and create a place for others to make memories in. Lucky for you, you get to take your memories with you. Help your agent and be open to bringing in furniture and decor pieces that will help buyers imagine your home’s potential. 

Is Indiana a Good Market for Home Staging?

The current market is strong (May 2020) but there is also enough competition. So, the short answer is yes. Real estate markets with fast-paced sales might not benefit from home staging since buyers need to be aggressive to snap up homes. In Indy however, the market is just competitive enough that staging truly makes a home shine. When homes are matched equally, a staged home will almost always sell first. 

Will Staging Earn a Better Sale Price?

The jury is still out on this according to studies. A staged home in Indiana doesn’t necessarily trump comparative cost records but may result in better first offers. The “perceived” value of a staged home is worth something and may entice buyers, just enough, to offer the asking price in markets where there is more competition. 

Mix and Match Staging

An option for those who have a budget, but maybe a smaller one, is mix and matching staging pieces. Meaning, use only the larger pieces that you don’t currently have from a staging company. This might be a beautiful bed or large sectional. You want to choose things that would otherwise cost you too much to replace or purchase, like large mirrors, accent chairs, or an impressive dining table set. From there, you can fill in with your own finds from what you have or pieces online like the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. 

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of what home staging can do for you. Did you know that Shelly Walters Realty Group has a home staging division in Carmel, IN? You can go to our Indiana home staging website and learn more about our service here.