Senior Safety Goals That Are Worth The


Age gives us many gifts, but it also comes with challenges. Safety at home is one such
challenge. Too often, seniors put off making home safety changes because they’re simply not
sure where to start. However, improving safety at home can be a super simple process, and it
empowers you to do more and live without fear.
Plus, it’s not just a matter of what you need right now. You should also consider your needs
down the line. Putting in safety measures before they’re necessary can help you avoid pain,
discomfort, and injuries in the future. In fact, if your house has a lot of steep stairs or other
senior safety risks, you might want to consider looking for a new home for retirement. Shelly
Walters Realty Group can help you find the perfect property for your golden years. Here are a
few more tips for making sure you stay safe at home:

Create an Emergency Kit
We all know the importance of an emergency kit, but how many of us actually have one, much
less a fully stocked one? Many US homes are unprepared for major emergencies – for example,

only 26% of American families have a plan for how to communicate with one another in an
emergency, and even fewer – 22% – have a generator installed. These are absolutely vital,
especially for anyone with powered medical gear such as those who rely on oxygen. In an area
where major storms can knock the power out any time of year, the $5000 or so spent to get a
generator set up is a worthwhile investment.

You should also be sure to have plenty of shelf-stable food and bottled water, extra blankets,
and some form of backup emergency communication, such as a two-way radio. A fully supplied
emergency kit should be enough to last for two or more weeks and should include basic
medical supplies including a backup supply of any medications you need daily. Talk to your
doctor to see if there are any additional items you should pack in your kit.

Trip and Fall Safety
As we get older, a dangerous cocktail brews when it comes to trip and fall hazards. We naturally
lose strength and balance as we age, so we’re more likely to trip in the first place and less able
to prevent injury when we do. Moreover, our bodies become less capable of healing with age,
so it takes longer to recover, and you might not get back to normal at all. That’s why it’s so vital
to prevent falls in the first place.

Install grab bars in tricky places, such as the bathroom. Slick floors and high tub walls are a
risky mix. You can also install a stairlift if you have trouble navigating your steps with
confidence. Finally, stay active. Regular, gentle exercise can go a long way toward keeping you
strong, flexible, and balanced; plus, it keeps your body’s healing abilities in top shape.

Use Tech
Many older adults are a little bit tech-shy, but embracing the digital age comes with huge
benefits. For example, you can use smart home technology to make many aspects of your life
easier and safer. A smart thermostat gives you the power to turn your heat off while you’re
gone, and set it to warm back up once you’re on your way back home, saving you money while
keeping you comfortable. Smart home hubs can keep you connected with family members, play
music or the radio, and provide alarms and reminders, all through voice command. There are a
lot of benefits to using tech for comfort and safety, so dig into the options to see what works for

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with needing to take new safety measures with age. You
deserve a retirement you can enjoy with confidence and ease, today and tomorrow. Consider
these safety measures a gift to yourself: you’ve earned it.

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Photo Credit: Pexels