Many of our new clients ask… “Do I need to have an agent if I’m building a new home?” The short answer is, yes. But let’s discuss the reasoning behind this. You are contracting a builder to construct your dream home and they have all kinds of protections in place so they can do that. There is no reason why you shouldn’t, in fact, it is pretty risky not to.


One of the toughest parts about building a home is, it’s a full-time job. Not only are you navigating the financing, closing conditions, and negotiations, you’re also on an incredible journey filled with heightened stress and emotions. A real estate professional is there to help negate some of these issues and walk you through other items that might be new to you. They are also there to protect you so you are fully covered during the build of your new home. A good agent will be your communication central command and can answer questions you have, but also those your builder might have.


As you busy yourself with some of the fun details like carpet, paint colors, appliances, and finishes, your realtor will keep track of the business details. This might include your title company and what they need from you. It might mean your agent negotiates new conditions for you, gets updates from the builder on business processes, or how to go about doing an inspection on a new build. Do you know if you’re on a flood plain? Your real estate professional will… Do you know how the homeowners association collects fees? Your agent will make sure you do.


Your builder is your hired help, but they are also the seller of a property. A real estate agent understands the additional tasks required when building a new home versus the purchase of an existing home. Your builder might have the best reputation in the state, but the truth is, they are also working in their best interests. To keep your new home build clean… an agent is the right way to go. As you move into the process, as you live through the middle of the build, and when you close and get the keys… a realtor will ensure your interests are served. If the builder is going to work in their own best interests, you to should have someone working for yours.

If you’re thinking of building a new home in central Indiana and think you may need help in the process, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We have gone through hundreds of these kinds of sales and will be happy to help you too. Shelly walters Realty Groups is dedicated to helping buyers through the new home build process in Indiana.