Despite a world-wide pandemic, the real estate business is still moving. Real estate has always been, and continues to be, a foundation of the American ecomomy. Indiana tends to follow, and often leads, in what is happening in the industry itself. It might come to no surprise that people are still house-hunting (albeit cautiously and with social distancing practices) and custom-home builds are still moving as previously planned.

While our amazing medical professionals respond, we are working to ensure we don’t add to their problems by adhereing to solid practices while we continue to do our work. The Indiana Real Estate market is still strong and Spring is looking to be a promising time to buy and sell.

According to MIBOR, Our local MLS body, a comparrison of February 2019 to 2020 saw increades across the board. There was an increase in median sales price by over 9% to $188,490. The closed sales increased 3.3 percent to 2,069 properties. New listings are also up almost 5% to 2,793.


The numbers may or may not be that interesting to you if you in a home you plan to stay in, but for our clients who are looking to sell… you’re going to be able to list higher than you could have last year. For our clients who wish to buy, you’ll have a little more inventory to check out and ideal interest rates. The market still leans in favor of sellers at this time which we anticipate to be the case in the coming months given the drop in interest rates by the fed.

What continues to be our primary focus at Shelly Walters Realty Group, is really listening to what our clients need from a home. Our goals has always been (and continue to be) a pinicle of what we do. We are not interested in showing you real estate that stretches you too thin, or doesn’t truely fit your lifestyle or family make up. We want our sellers to feel confident in our in depth comparrison tools that will give you the best models to work from when trying to price your home to profit, while also being a good buy for the other party.


If you’re thinking of selling in the Spring, here are a few things you can do now to prepare to meet with us. Gather all your mortage records and get your payoff information. Look around at your home and ask yourself what you can organize, clean up, or refresh. Hold off on making major improvements until we have a chance to discuss those with you. We have no desire to tell you to update a kitchen if your neighborhood won’t reap the costs of doing that.

With the extra time you may have right now (given a quarentine) spend some time on your home’s exterior. While weather is hit and miss these days, now is the time you’ll wish you had back when it comes to list.

We are here to walk you through every bit of the Indianapolis real estate process, so please reach out and let us know how we can serve you. Indiana real estate is our passion… and everyone on our team is ready to lend a hand.